Livin' Simple

Follow the links below to read about our efforts to streamline and simplify our home and family life.

In order from earliest to latest:

Welcome to My Custom-Built Life 

Wide Open Spaces

Things on Which I Will Spend Our Hard-Earned Money 

What's in my Kindle Queue

 Our Simple Easter 

The Great Kiddie Bedroom Purge 

"Progress, Not Perfection." 

Simplifying Our Lives/Home: Magazine Clutter

Stretching Out: My Soul 

Simplifying Our Lives/Home: Book Stacks 

Why I Decided to Write this Crap 

We FINALLY Had Our Yardsale 

Mother's Day, Our Way 

She Knows About the Bunny 

Bear's Ballpark 'n Bowling Birthday 

Bear's Bicycle Bonanza 

A Peek at Our Week

Klean Kanteens 

Ronald McDonald House Experience 

We FINALLY Had Our Yardsale—Part Two 

Simplifying Our Lives/Home: Packing 

On Working From Home

The Tiny House Family

Charitable Giving

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home 

Simplifying Our Lives/Home: Paper Clutter 

Won't You Join Me for a Vacation Slideshow? 

Settling in After Vacation 

Week One of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete! 

Land Huntin'

Week Two of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete!

Week Three of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete! 

Simplifying Life With Kids

Week Four of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete!

On Burnout

Taking a Break from Facebook

My Break from Facebook

Children and Chores

Nurturing Children's Interests

Just Today, Don't Be an Asshole

Simplifying Mornings

Homemade Edible Fingerpaints = WIN

Occupying a Toddler

Halloween at Casa Jen 

My Favorite Things 

Things I Never Thought I'd Say 

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Things My Parents Taught Me 

Valentine's Day is Dumb But Fun

Toddler Color Matching 

Things I Will Never Be Able to Teach My Children 

No Spend Month

No Spend Month: How Did We Do? 

Reducing the Cacophony

A Frugal Halloween? Maybe?

October No Spend Challenge: How'd We Do? plan...

Why We are so Super Strict about Media

We've Moved!

Things that I am doing 

More Favorite Things

Husband's big week

Little projects I've been working on

Even more of my favorite things

It's high time to "no-spend" again!

September No-Spend Challenge: How'd we do?


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