Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking a Break from Facebook

 "If you need anything or if you wanna talk to somebody...maybe some other time, when my shirt isn't see-through."

It's been a bizarrely overwhelming past few weeks. The Olympics are in full swing (rimshot/gymnastics pun), so I've basically been nursing what feels like a gymnastics hangover for days. Husband hasn't had a single day off work since July 4th (no, not even weekends). Bug is ever more mobile, not yet walking but still able to get into anything and everything ever invented. And Bear is a nine year-old little girl, with unique pre-teen dramas and problems which require much attention and nurturing and shit. On top of that, my work with my favorite client came to an end, and although it was a friendly parting and we totally intend to work together again, that was a financial hit. I mean, we're fine, but still. It was a hit. But that's how freelancing goes.

So yeah. My life is happy and good and full. It's just been a little tiring lately. Finally exhausted beyond his limit, Husband has scheduled a few vacation days for Monday and Tuesday and he's taking Sunday off, as well. So we have a few days to spend together as a family, and I've decided to take a cue from my dear friend Cincy Sarah and take a break of my own from Facebook.

I think there's a lot of value in taking an occasional break from too much connectedness. Facebook is undoubtedly a time-suck and I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by it the past couple of weeks, like I'm too involved in people's lives. I just need to get away from it for a few days and refocus on the people around me rather than the laundry schedule of an old classmate who lives in Des Moines and has either two or three children whose names I could not tell you if I spent a year thinking about it.

I will still be at the computer on a daily basis, as I do earn my tiny living writing. I have some things I want to get finished that I've been putting off, but which will be far easier with Husband home to keep the kiddos occupied. I'm not going totally off the grid at this time (though that is NOT out of the question down the road). But as sad as it sounds, Facebook is just way too ingrained in my mind as part of my daily routine, so in order to truly disconnect, I'm going to temporarily close my account tonight before I go to bed.

I'm looking forward to stepping away and refreshing my mind. See you back here on Monday!


  1. it is a time suck, but interesting..........

  2. Good for you! I hope you enjoy your family time!