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Reconnecting with Spazz 

Stretching out: My Body

 On Forgiveness 

Top Five Reasons I Cannot Wait to Have More Bathrooms 

"Progress, Not Perfection." 

Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice 

A Few Thoughts on Our Decision to Homeschool Next Year 

An Open Letter to Mother Nature 

She Knows About the Bunny 

Why I Decided to Write this Crap 

We've Got the Bubons 

Stretching Out: My Soul

Ronald McDonald House Experience 

It's Almost Time for the Olympics, Y'all!

On Working From Home

Charitable Giving

Things I Don't Care For—Part Two 

Settling in After Vacation 

Simplifying Life With Kids

On Burnout

Taking a Break from Facebook

My Break from Facebook

Nurturing Children's Interests

Just Today, Don't Be an Asshole

Ten Years

On Contentedness

Things My Parents Taught Me 

My Theory on Winter and Why It's Terrible

Look What I Did...

Things Which I am OVER

Writing and Whatnot


This Wall 


What Does a Bad Day Look Like? 


Love Your People  


I Had an Epiphany

Reducing the Cacophony

"...the things that they find floatin' 'round my brain..."

Why We are so Super Strict about Media

Another open letter to Mother Nature

Because she needs to hear it from me, more than anyone

Little mind games that work for me

Top Ten Mommy Wardrobe Essentials

Things I am afraid of



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