Friday, May 11, 2012

Why I Decided to Write this Crap

 "'Okay, I'm not sure where you're going with this.' 'Well, I'm not sure where you're going with this.' 'That's what I said.' 'That's what I'm saying to you.' 'All right. '...Touch√©.'"

Not my family.
This is that post that probably should have been the first post but it couldn't be since I was still sorting out in my mind what exactly I wanted this mess to be.

When I first began seeking information about home building and the process, I was disappointed at the dearth of real-life accounts. Sure, I found plenty of builder reviews and horror stories, but I couldn't find a place where anyone had sort of chronicled their experience as they went through it. Even though every home building experience is unique and there is no "one size fits all" how-to model, I wanted to hear about someone else's process. Maybe I was using the wrong keywords or something, but I kept coming up short.

So I figured that since my family is going to be doing this thing, I may as well step up the plate. Next year when we put the house on the market, buy our land, and begin narrowing down our choices for contractors, the focus here will shift more toward that process. Right now I talk a lot about the things we're doing in our daily lives, and I want to keep doing that because that's part of this whole life-building process. But yeah, when things really take off and we actually do Get the Hell Out of Here, I will begin talking more about the heavy lifting of building our dream home/life, and I hope some of my experience will be helpful (or even just mildly entertaining) to some of you.

That's really where we are for now. Just moving forward, trying to make good decisions that will help us reach our goals without forgetting to live in the present.  Thanks for going along on this crazy adventure with me.

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