Monday, May 28, 2012

A Peek at Our Week

"The dread pirate Steve be in no man's debt. I'll make a barter with ya, true as the North Star. In exchange for your kindness, I'll be sharing me buried treasure with ya... once I find it, that be."

I though I'd offer a little insight into some of the things we've got coming up this week. Bear's last day of school is Wednesday, and I'm really looking forward to having her home with us during the day. We've been putting together a calendar of free and inexpensive activities that we can do this summer, and our plan is to regularly consult it and get the heck out of the house at least once or twice per week.

Bug, peeking at our week. OK, it's a stretch, but what an adorable baby.

Tomorrow night we're helping out at a Ronald McDonald House dinner with a group of homeschool families. I'm hoping that there will be a good turn-out, mostly so that there's plenty of help on hand but also because I'm looking forward to meeting some potential new friends (for me and for Bear).

Bear has been very reticent about homeschool, but I think she's starting to come around. She has a pretty negative disposition anyway (which she obviously gets from someone other than her sunshine-and-butterflies mother), and she also resists change, so this has been a difficult process for us so far. I think meeting some awesome families who share our values and outlook on education will be really good for her.

I didn't tell her it was a "homeschool" get-together because I don't want her to go in having already decided that she hates everyone and everything about it. I explained what RMH is and told her what we'd be doing, and that we'd be going with a big group of people and would hopefully make some new friends and she lit up like a...lighty thing. I don't know. I'm overtired and under-caffeinated. Back off.

So that's Tuesday evening. Friday evening we're going to the public library for the Summer Reading Club kick-off. There is talk of pizza, so as far as I'm concerned it could be the Summer Toenail Clipping kick-off and I'd still go. Bear really loves the library and she loves to read, so we thought it would be fun to actually participate in something.

So that's our week, essentially. There will be lots of free play time, and hopefully opportunities to meet with friends at the park or something for a playdate. And now that she can ride a bike, there's even more potential for fun.

What does your summer look like? Anything cool going on that we should know about?

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  1. My summer will be uneventful by the standards of most. Because I was only part-time at GT last year, I earned half the vacation time of others, so I'm being fairly conservative with my days off. We can accrue 45 days before they make us burn them, or they purge them, so the only time off I'm taking this year is a few days around DragonCon.