Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinterest in Real Life: Baked Sandwiches

 "Cram it up your cramhole, La Fleur!"

A baked ham sandwich with salt & vinegar chips
On Friday I made these baked sandwiches that I pinned from Simple Organized Living. While I don't mind cooking and am actually pretty decent at it, I don't have a bunch of fancy kitchen tools, so I like to stick mostly with simple recipes that only require the basic pots 'n pans. This recipe fits that bill.

No one in my house likes mustard, but I wanted to stick with the recipe as much as possible and I figured it would be fine since it was in a sauce. However, I didn't use poppy seeds because I couldn't find them at Kroger and they seemed like "extra," anyway. As for the meats, I made some with turkey and some with ham and I just used Kraft singles, halved.

Word of advice—if you try this, assemble your sandwiches first, as instructed. I started the sauce and then began sandwich assembly, but the sauce is ready so fast that I felt rushed and I kept having to stir it.

I baked these for twenty minutes and it was just right. They were lightly crisp and brown, and the cheese was all melty and warm. Yum.

The verdict? They were pretty good. We all found the sauce to be a bit too sweet for our tastes, so I'm thinking of experimenting with bbq sauce next time and maybe leaving out the brown sugar. I'm open to suggestions. I like this recipe because I think there's room for tinkering and getting creative, so I'll definitely make it again. That, and the leftovers have made and excellent lunch for me for two days.  I think these would be good with mushrooms instead of meat and maybe an onion sauce of some kind. Let me know if you make these and what ingredients you use.


  1. These look yummy!! And I love warm toasty sandwiches! You might want to try these ones from pinterest:
    We love, love, love those Hawaiian sweet rolls and this recipe uses those along with ham and cheese. The sauce isn't quite so sweet, which I saw you didn't like from the recipe you used. I used the onion, but used less because my kids were suspicious! :)

  2. Thanks! I might have to give that a try.