Monday, May 21, 2012

Bear's Ballpark 'n Bowling Birthday

"Alliteration aside, I'll take my chances in the tournament."

Bear's birthday breakfast
Bear's ninth birthday was last Thursday, and we tried to make it really special for her this year. Last year I was six and a half months pregnant with Bug, so everything was very low-key. So on Thursday I made her the birthday breakfast she had requested (pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and bacon). Then I decorated the car with birthday signs and balloons for the ride to school, and we brought cupcakes from Servatii to her class in the afternoon. 

Thursday evening we went to a Florence Freedom game with my inlaws and watched the home team get stomped :(. But Bear and her six year-old cousin had an awesome time, and it was great to be out on a clear, cool evening with a draft beer and people I love.

Saturday, we had her bowling party for her friends at Sports of All Sorts. Husband was out of town this weekend at Rock on the Range, but in my ever-present overconfidence I was all, "Psh. I got this. I don't need help. Why wouldn't I be able to handle seven sugared-up 8-12 year-olds plus a nine month-old by myself in a loud, crowded venue?"

Thankfully when my uncle and aunt showed up to drop off my cousins, they were all, "Bitch, you crazy!" and stayed to help. And I was really grateful, because although I'm sure we would have made it out alive, it was nice to keep my sanity intact, too. So I sent them home with cupcakes.

(Which segues to...)
Instead of ordering a bakery cake or commissioning one from a private baker, I let Bear pick a flavor and I made cupcakes. Much less mess, no cutting, WAY less expensive, and easy-peasy.  I just made a Betty Crocker boxed strawberry cake mix, but I did opt to go with homemade frosting because the canned stuff not only tastes like chemicals, but it pipes like shit and doesn't hold its shape. I used this recipe for the frosting and I think it turned out really well. 

I put them in the fridge overnight and the frosting held beautifully.

Bear declared this year's festivities, "My best birthday ever!" and I'm so happy we could do that for her. She's had a difficult year full of transitions and major adjustments, and we wanted her to feel special and valued on her birthday. 

And now it's back to chore charts and sugar limits. Reality's a bitch.


  1. Baseball and cupcakes, who could ask for more? ;)

  2. Wow, that icing looks beautiful, Jen!

    So glad Bear's birthday was a special time this year. I know it's always a little bittersweet, but she is still so little and cute, whether or not she'd admit that at this point. ;)

  3. Thanks! It was surprisingly easy. I just used a Wilton 2D frosting tip and a disposable piping bag. Easy peasy.