Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest in Real Life: Homemade Donuts

 "She doesn't get eaten by the eels at this time."

I will literally gnaw your hands off over this shit.
I am a girl who loooooves me a donut. I don't eat them very often because I also loooooves me a pair of jeans that fit. Still, sometimes I just want a f%&#ing donut and if anyone stands between me and said donut, I make no promises about what I will or will not do. Except to promise that I will charge like a bull and send them sprawling to the floor in a heap of MOVE IT, ASSHOLE!

So when I came across this delicious looking recipe on Pinterest, I gently wiped the drool off of my keyboard and pinned it for later reference. Last weekend was "later".

These donuts are really delicious, really easy, and really terrible for you. Husband informed me that I was going to need to make them for him every single day for the rest of our lives, 'cause he thinks he has power (adorable), and Bear killed off most of the donut holes*, plus her full-size donut. Husband gave Bug a little taste of the sugary coating and Bug tried to remove Husband's finger with his gums.

I followed the recipe exactly, which was easy because it was a pretty laid-back recipe. The chick is all, "Just toss some sugar and cinnamon and shit in there. Yeah, like that. And pop a hole in the middle. Or a star, or like, a toucan. Whatever. Puff, puff, pass, bitches."

Okay, she might not actually be a stoner, but I humbly submit that anyone who comes up with this recipe has recently smoked something left-handed. I'm just sayin'.

In conclusion, while I will not be making these every weekend, it's not because they aren't awesome. They are. It's because I want my family to survive the next year or so and we can't do that if we're going all Hunger Games on each other over the last donut hole. So I'll make them again in a month or so, maybe with a homemade fruit glaze in place of the cinnamon and sugar. Yum.

*We do not waste donut batter in this house.


  1. Snort. I thoroughly approve, on so many levels. We're definitely trying this soon. It will be a money saver since we find ourselves trekking to Milford every other weekend to go to this amazing bakery for donuts. Mmm, donuts. Tasty, evil little bastards.

  2. I find myself wondering how they'd be with just some powdered sugar sprinkled (generously) on top.

  3. Great - now I need a donut - NOW! Sarah - what is the donut place in Milford? I think my friend Denise has mentioned it. I'm going there in the a.m. To take Matt to a retreat. I just may have to go in search of it!