Thursday, May 3, 2012

We've Got the Bubons

 "You've been mostly dead all day."

Due to an unforeseen and incredibly inconvenient illness sweeping my house, illness is the only thing sweeping my house. My to-do list has become more of a, "should probably get to that" list as I sit and hack while Bug sleeps off a nasty ear infection and cold on my lap. I kept Bear home from school yesterday because I thought she had pinkeye in the morning (which seemed likely, as I had it last weekend), but after an initial cleaning it never recurred, so she basically got a free day off to hang out at home.

Which was fine, because I'd rather not send her to her school any more than necessary, anyway.

Husband is picking up some overtime this week, which is great financially, but it leaves me alone with a sick, miserable eight month-old all day. He takes the little dude when he gets home and naps with him in the morning, but the sickies do make for a long, challenging day.

So yeah. As far as any kind of housekeeping this week, we've managed to do the bare minimum in dishes and laundry, changed the trash when it began to overflow, and I think I may have swept once. We still have so much to do before the yardsale this weekend, which is happening come hell or high water (high water being a distinct possibility). Sunday looks to be nice and I am not ashamed to tempt people away from church with an early-season yardsale full of kid stuff. The massive pile of stuff in my living room is causing me serious anxiety and I feel like the crew from Hoarders is going to show up any minute to stage a misplaced intervention.

Bear has been a huge help this week. Today she even made me lunch. I've just started letting her use the stove on her own to make frozen pizzas and things, so she heated me up some chicken fry thingies that I could eat one-handed while Bug nursed and slept. In between sucking down hot tea to soothe my very sore throat and trying to keep my house just clean enough to avoid having my children removed by the state, I cram in a game of Words With Friends or work on a blog post.

Fortunately I don't have any paid deadlines looming, so I have about a week to get my shit together. But today I must grocery shop or my family will starve, so off I go. I'm taking the night off from tumbling because if I flip upside down I think my brain might actually fall out on the spring floor.

Thanks for letting me bitch a little. Imma go have some Starbucks and buy food for these demanding children.


  1. Let us know if you need us to come up and help out with anything!

  2. Damn children, wanting to eat. Don't they know you're sick! Sheesh, seriously ungrateful little beings.

    Need chicken soup? I won't harm you by making it but I can recommend Panera!

    Feel better soon!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I'm still pretty foggy headed and run down, but my itty-bitty is feeling much better this morning. He was still asleep when I took the girl child to school and then went grocery shopping, but Husband said the little dude was like a different kid when he woke up. His antibiotic must be kicking that ear infection's ass. :)

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon! We started out our week with a case of the stomach flu. Nothing ensures a whole week of screwed up like a stomach bug! Uggghhh.