Monday, February 18, 2013

Things Which I am OVER

Grumpy Cat Jen is ready to see a few things disappear from our society's collective consciousness. 


W. T. F., people. What IS this? Why are there effing mustaches on EVERYTHING all of a sudden? Why am I seeing children's socks with mustaches on them? Why is this a Thing? I'm putting my (un-mustachioed) foot down on this. No more. I do not want t eat a cake in the shape of a mustache because for some reason facial hair is the party theme. NO. NO.


Yeah, we get it. The fat kid fell off the skateboard. The word 'education' was misspelled on a school newsletter. That guy in front of the coconut tree looks like he has hairy balls on his head. There are entire (often funny!) blogs devoted to this stuff. But the time of 'FAIL!' has passed.

And along those same lines, can we discuss...

 'Epic' anything

It had its time. For a brief period, 'epic' seemed to be a fresh, untapped, hyperbolic adjective that we could finally move in to replace 'amazing' and 'awesome'. But it's run its course. Your night of beer pong and passing out on the toilet was not 'epic'. It wasn't even an epic fail. It was just sad and I am judging you for it.

Clever, genius, best-ever Pinterest pins...

...and anything that says, "One pinner said..." or, "I'll be glad I pinned this someday!"If you're on Pinterest then you know what I'm talking about. People pin crap leading back to their own blogs to drive traffic and give it some big description about how life-changing it is and it goes PinViral. My natural, internal rebel wants nothing to do with this force-fed BS.

Homeschool moms who...

...refer to their husband as the "principal". I don't effing think so.

What else? What needs to GO, forever? Feel free to tack on.

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