Monday, February 25, 2013

Toddler Color Matching

I am NOT a tips/advice/idea/how-to/parenting blog, but I wanted to post this game I made for Bug because it's really cute and it's very easy and inexpensive. I've seen tons of egg carton color matching games for toddlers, so when I emptied our carton I decided to make one for my Bug.

He's really terrible at color matching right now. I am totally judging him.

It was really easy. I just used our washable paints to color code the bottoms. I was going to get plastic eggs, but they were actually pretty expensive on Amazon (to get all the colors, anyway), so I bought these adorable wooden ones and painted them with my acrylic paints. I need to seal them with beeswax or something, as the paint rubs and scratches off a bit, but the eggs work just fine for now.

I like this because we can also use pieces of felt, pom-poms, and a variety of other colored items over time.

Bug REALLY loves playing with this. I keep it put up and use it when I need him engaged in something. He likes to either throw all the eggs (mostly...) or take them out one by one, put them in a bag, and then take them back to the carton one by one. It is his way.

My little Bug and his eggs

These eggs hurt like hell when they hit you in the head. Jussayin'. But the game is cute and I'm really happy with it.

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