Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Honey-Do List to Shame All Honey-Do Lists

Last weekend Husband was off work, so after spending Saturday relaxing, eating leftovers, and resting, we decided to make Sunday a bit more productive.

So we made The List.

The List is a space-by-space, detailed, no-holds-barred collection of all the projects that could possibly need to be done to our house before we can list it. The only thing we left off was the decluttering and packing, as those are ongoing and don't cost us money.

We started in the front yard and moved systematically through every room and space, noting every possible repair or update we could think of, even if we knew it was something we weren't going to get to. Then we sat down with our list and went item by item, highlighting the items that literally MUST be done in order to even consider listing the house, and then ranking the rest by priority.

It is many pages long. Many, many pages. 

It was overwhelming, so when we finished I took Bug up for a nap and let my poor, intimidated husband put his feet up and watch some tv. You know—before he has to move that giant tv and paint behind it or something.

Husband is on spring break from school the week of March 11, so he's taking off work and we're going to use that week to tackle some of the major stuff that needs done. In the meantime I am continuing to pack and we're going to try to knock out some of the one-off, smaller projects so that we don't have to mess with them during his week off.

I'm not going to say I'm not incredibly overwhelmed and intimidated, but the time has come. We want to sell this house and move on with our lives, and it's worth it to bust ass for a few months so we can get on with our life.

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