Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On Contentedness

So it's possible that at times I may be a tiny bit...negative. Pessimistic. Grouchy. Malcontent. Humbuggish. And my favorite: curmudgeonly. It's true. It takes very little to send me into an emo death-spiral of "life's not fair!" whining and moaning. I have been known to cry because I discovered before 9 a.m. that not only were we out of coffee, but that someone had not replaced the toilet paper roll! WTF, people!? Are you trying to DESTROY ME!?

I get to spend my life with these people. Hard to be a miser.
Look, I own it. It's not a great quality. I'm working hard on it, but I'll never completely be a chipper, content person. It's not how I'm built. But it all goes back to the idea of Progress, Not Perfection.

Oddly, despite my somewhat grumpy nature, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mostly because I LOVE all those once-a-year foods and getting together with family. But also because it's a swift reminder to me to CHEER THE EFF UP and stop whining about my wonderful, beautiful life. I think we all need that now and then.

I'm not going to do a Ten Things I'm Thankful For post. Instead, give this Martina McBride song a listen. My favorite line:

"...I've come to know
That the world won't change
Just 'cause I complain...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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