Monday, August 20, 2012

Scaling Back for a Minute

"' was your summer?' 'I got divorced.' 'My carpal tunnel came back.' 'I win.'"

Me 'n mah coffees
Since we're officially beginning our year of school today, I'm going to reduce my blog posts from M-W-F to just T-Th in order to keep from burning out or whatever. I know this is going to be really hard for all three of you, so try to hold it together. I might go back to M-W-F at some point, though. I just don't want to overextend myself. 

Writing this blog has become a real hobby for me and I want to make sure it stays that way. And I know how busy we're about to become, so it makes sense to scale back a bit until I get a feel for our new routine. Thanks for reading this crap and following along on our proverbial journey! I can't wait to tell you all about the total clusterf*** we're about to jump into. ;)

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