Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Homemade Edible Fingerpaints = WIN

Last week I was feeling kind of ick and bored, so I decided I wanted to clean out the cabinet under the sink. You know—the one with all the cleaning supplies and poisons and whatnot. I realized I'd need something to keep Bug busy and out of the RAID while I cleaned, so I decided to try this recipe for homemade edible fingerpaints that I'd had pinned for awhile.

The recipe is really easy and it doesn't take long, but if you want to use it as a distraction while you do other things, I recommend making it ahead of time. There is boiling water involved, so you have to let it cool a bit before you hand it over. Also, if you're going to mix in color (and why wouldn't you?) you have to have time to do that, too. So while it wasn't the perfect solution for my last-minute cleaning needs, it still did the trick by the time I got it done.

It's sort of pudding-y. Imagine the sensory bliss of slipping your fingers around in that.

That alone is worth the clean-up.
Anyway, he LOVED it. His whole little face lit up when I started plopping bright-colored globs of gooey paint on his booster tray and he wasted no time getting his hands (and face...and chest...and hair...and the floor...and the walls...) dirty. At first he sort of just poked his finger in, but as soon as he felt the smooth, warm paint, he smiled like I'd handed him...smooth, warm paint. Which I had. So it made total sense.
He's so pleased with himself. :)

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