Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinterest in Real Life: Pineapple Cloud Cake

While I'm typically a fan of "from-scratch" baking*, I do try to keep a few boxes of various cake mixes and brownie mixes and things on hand for those times when I need something easy to make in a hurry. I know there are recipes out there for homemade mixes, but I haven't bothered with that yet. One of these days.

Anyway, I digress. Pineapple Cloud Cake is one of those recipes that calls for a boxed cake mix and I decided to give it a whirl. We have dinner with my inlaws one night a week and I like to test out new dessert recipes on them, so I thought this super quick, super easy, super tidy recipe would be a good choice. If you can even call it a recipe. It barely makes the cut, as it only requires two ingredients.

You couldn't even spring for Dole? Cheapass...

Just plop 'em in there and stir!

I usually don't buy canned fruit because the whole "acid/aluminum can/chemical" thing freaks me out, but then, I eat a lot of crap that is probably slowly giving me the diseases, so once in awhile is not going to hurt anything.

Anyway—it's pretty good! When you mix it up it's all fizzy and light, and it has a nice texture when it's done. I baked it for 33 minutes and it was perfect. We served it with whipped cream and maraschino cherries.


Plop some Cool Whip and a cherry on there and you've got dessert!

It's not a new favorite or anything, but I might try to keep stuff on hand in case I need to whip something together quickly.

*If you say you didn't roll your eyes when you read that, you're lying. I re-read it, rolled my eyes, put my pinkie up, and mocked myself. And then I left it as-is, because that shit is funny.


  1. I wonder if you could do a low sugar cake mix, fruit in water, and sugar free whipped topping to make it a bit more diabetic friendly. I think I might try this. Fruit deserts are my favorite, and I adore pineapple upside down cake.

  2. Maybe! It's not expensive so it wouldn't hurt to try. I think the most important thing is the acidity of the fruit/juice to make the angel food cake "fluff," but it can probably be done in a low-sugar way.