Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Glimpse into Our Day

Fizzy Sidewalk Paint
As a (new) homeschooling family, one of the things we learned very early on was that there really is no "typical" day. I go into each week with a plan and a bag full of materials, but what each day looks like can vary greatly.

But in the interest of keeping our loved ones "in the loop," here's my best rundown of what a day in our home(school) might look like:

Wake up when Bug gets me up. This could be 7:30 or, on some fantastic, rare mornings, 9:30 or 10:00.

Make coffee, feed Bug, drink coffee/eat breakfast, let Bug run off his morning energy while I play Words With Friends and attempt to get my brain going.

If Bug and I got up early, this might be about the time that Bear comes downstairs. If we slept in, she may have already been up for a bit and had breakfast.

Homemade GAK
After everyone has eaten and puttered around, we begin our lessons. On a typical day, this includes: journaling with a prompt (three days a week); math activities on Time 4 Learning; one page of D'Nealian handwriting practice; some reading and an activity based on whatever we're studying at the time (right now it's our home state of Kentucky); a few chapters of whatever book we're reading (we're listening to The Witches audiobook right now); and possibly some sort of artistic or scientific activity to go with the story, though not always.

Bug watching his sister climb our front tree
If we finish lessons in the morning/early afternoon (we usually do), we have lunch, clean up, do whatever chores or errands are on the list for the day, and enjoy our free time. When Husband gets home, we have dinner.

Of course, then there are those days when someone is sick or we have a field trip or something planned and the day looks nothing like that. That happens about once per week, usually because of a playdate or homeschool activity at the library or something.

So for those of you who are interested—that's our day, in a nutshell! We usually finish up all of our "school" stuff in just a couple of hours and then we enjoy the rest of our day. Unless one of us is being an a-hole, in which case we just grumble and grunt a lot. That happens, too, and a-hole duty seems to rotate.

Today it's me. :)

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