Friday, July 6, 2012

Week One of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete!

 "On Wednesdays we wear pink!"

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So I managed to get through the first week of Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home program. If you're not playing along at home, each day includes a list of things you're supposed to do to become more organized. Here's how I tackled the first week.

I did not get dressed in something I feel great in each morning. Although I absolutely agree with the logic here, I'm such a zombie until I get moving that getting dressed is just not something I do. I get out of bed, change Bug's diaper, pull on a sweater ('cause my house is always FREEZING due to my hot-natured husband and daughter), and go downstairs to feed Bug. I like lazing around in my pajamas, so unless I have somewhere to go, this step gets skipped. Or as I call it, "Check!"

The next step is to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and make a list. HELL, YES. This is basically my favorite part of life. I strap Bug into his high chair, start my coffee, grab my notebook, and wait for the clouds in my brain to part.

Next we're supposed to knock out our morning routine. For me, this means feeding Bug while I check my email and Facebook, and then letting Bug have some time to just play freely on the floor. Easy enough. Then we're supposed to set a timer for fifteen minutes and tidy up various areas of our homes and stuff. Again, easy-peasy.

Finding seven things to get rid of each day was harder, because I've done SO much purging lately. Still, even trash counts, so I managed pretty well. I didn't really count stuff out, but I got rid of some stuff, so I feel good about it.

Then it's on to the main cleaning and organizing tasks. Here's what my week looked like:

Monday—clean out purse and/or diaper bag. I did both, but here's the before and after of my purse mess:

Tuesday—clean out the refrigerator. We actually did this on Monday, too, because our refrigerator was getting very warm and ruining food. So Husband de-iced it and I used that opportunity to just go ahead and scrub it out, too. But I did forget the before picture. Sorry. I know you were basically lined up in anticipation of seeing moldy spaghetti and caked-on food particles.

Bright and shiny! Stay tuned for my masterclass in How to Take a Straight Picture

Wednesday—clean out the freezer. We skipped this one, but we had a good reason. The freezer needs the same work done to it as the fridge side did, which Husband can do, and it will require pulling everything out of the box. This makes it a perfect time for cleaning, but Wednesday was Husband's birthday and he did not want to spend it doing chores. I don't blame him. So we're probably going to do it this weekend.

Thursday—clean out under the beds and couches. I very recently cleaned out under our bed and Bear's, too, so there was nothing to do there. Even the stuff we store under the bed is organized at this point. The couches, however, were another story:

Click to enlarge. Top pics are the couch, bottom are the love seat.

Today I'll tackle the Friday assignment and include it with next week's updates. If you've been playing along at home, please tell me about your progress in the comments! Be sure to link to any blog posts you may have written about it, as well!


  1. I did it, sort of!! I was gung ho about it in the early part of the week, but kind of lost track towards the end here. I blame July 4th in the middle of a week. Right?

    I didn't clean my freezer, but I did do my fridge and my purse. I also did some purging. I need to do my couch and under the beds/furniture tomorrow. While the kids are awake, the hubs is asleep, and I'm getting ready for work. Maybe Sunday it'll happen!?

    On a related cleaning note, I've decided that I'm doing a room a day at my house. Obviously the kitchen and living room will be tidied/cleaned daily. But I'm going to try and commit 30 minutes a day to heavier cleaning on one room only. One day for each bedroom (3), kitchen, living, downstairs (one big playroom/lower level), and bathrooms. I'm hoping if I can keep up with it each week, they'll never get unbearable. Here's hoping!

  2. Yay! I think it can be hard to stick to a program or schedule, and getting some of the items ticked off means you've made progress. Life gets in the way, and there's no shame in pushing it off until the weekend.

    I've done cleaning schedules in the past because I love them in theory. But I am so prone to laziness and a lack of discipline that I end up burning out and quitting. If you're like me in that way, it can helpful to use a schedule as a general guideline or goal, but not a do-or-die, pass-or-fail lifestyle. If you're not like me, though, and you actually have a modicum of discipline, it will probably work out great! lol