Monday, July 23, 2012

Week Three of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete!

"It was full-tilt jungle madness. And it wasn't going away."

*Sorry I didn't get this one up on Friday. I had a very busy week and then a funeral over the weekend. These posts take awhile because of the photo stuff and all that, and I usually spend all week on them, but I think I'm back on track. 

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Picking up where I left off last week...

Friday—Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Yuck. I was dreading this. That's probably why I didn't do a very good job.

We only have one ceiling fan in the entire house, which is fine with me because I hate ceiling fans. I think they're unhygienic by default and I have absolutely no use for them. so the only one on our house is in Bear's room. I grabbed a pillow case and dusted the fan, then wiped it down with damp paper towels. Simple—just gross. I am glad to know that all that grossness is not flying around my daughter's bedroom anymore, though. I forgot to take a picture before, and then I decided I didn;t care, but I did do it. You'll have to take my word for it. Or ask Bear. She was lying on her bed, playing a video game while I slaved away. Woe is me.

So the light fixtures...I didn't do it. I'm going to, but not until Husband is off work and can take them down for me. See, it's not that I CAN'T take them down myself. It's just that I'm terrified to do so. I have a weird aversion to taking down things from above my head. I'm not especially coordinated and I don't even like getting down bowls that are on the top shelf. I don't feel confident in my ability to take down and then replace the fixtures without suffering a concussion, so I didn't do it.

Monday—Clean out your silverware drawer. Oooooh, yeah, baby. An easy task. You know why? Because I just did this on my own about two months ago, and it's still pretty much how I want it.

Grr, Picasa, cutting off my pictures. Looks more like a "find the differences" game than a Before & After, amiright?

Tuesday—Clean your microwave, stovetop, and/or oven. Again, I just cleaned my microwave out really well the week before we went on vacation, so all I had to do was give it a quick swipe and it was good. The stovetop and oven, however, were in need of some TLC. We bought the unit in 2006 and I've never cleaned out the oven. So yeah.

But alas, this was not a good day for running the self-clean because we were home almost all day and I didn't feel like being "smoked out". And cleaning it by hand it by hand. So this was a terrible failure and I'm sorry but...them's the facts. I did not clean out my oven. The microwave and range look awesome, though.

Wednesday—Clean above kitchen cabinets and the top of the refrigerator. I really hate having space above the cabinets, and I wish I'd put my foot down about that when we remodeled. It just invites clutter and dust and there's no real reason for it. When we build the dream house, the cabinets will touch the ceiling.

So, um...I didn't do this one, either. I was going to. I dragged a chair over. I climbed up on it. I picked up some stuff from the top of the cabinet. And I promptly put it back down, realizing that almost everything up there belongs to Husband (which makes sense, as he is 6'4" and I'm 5'6") and I have no idea what to do with it. Not to mention that this task means getting up and down every few minutes to move Bug away from something he's getting into when he rebels against the highchair. It was just too mentally exhausting and I felt completely ill-equipped to deal with it. So I didn't. And despite my desire to be held accountable by chronicling my progress here—I don't feel one bit bad about it.

Thursday—Clean out the utensil drawer and junk drawer(s). Well, we don't have a utensil drawer. I hang some of it and put everything else in a jar, so that was a non-issue. I do have two drawers in the kitchen that I guess you'd call "junk" drawers, though. Both were just cleaned out in March, and the "junk" drawer has literally not accumulated one new item in that time, so I just wiped it out and reloaded it. the other drawer functions as my "office" drawer. It's where I keep my household planning binder, coupons, unread magazines, flash drives, extra memory cards, receipts, etc. It needed a good purging.

*sigh* I really did have the entire drawers in the photos. DAMN YOU, PICASA! I need better collage making software. Anyway—before and after.

One week to go, plus several projects on hold because I didn't feel like it or just didn't get to it! Not too shabby. even if I don't do every single task, my home is still cleaner. Progress, not perfection, right? If you're just getting ready to start, look for my post about burnout next week. I think I'm going to put it up on Monday. Stick with it until then!

So how's it going for everyone? Are you seeing any results?

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