Monday, July 2, 2012

Won't You Join Me for a Vacation Slideshow?

 "You're in a Chinese Opium Dem, Timmy. This is where the sport of dodgeball was invented in the 15th Century."

As you may or may not know, my family spent last week in Jacksonville, FL for vacation. I wrote and scheduled normal posts to go up so you creeps wouldn't know I was gone and break in to steal all my awesome crap. SUCKERS.

Anyway. Jacksonville. My mother lives there, so it was a good chance to see her and spend some time on the beach.

Well, it was supposed to be. But a certain grouchy, aging, personified phenomenon decided to invite her friend Debby to the party and it rained the full first three days, and was overcast Wednesday morning. We watched the road in front of the apartment we were renting flood on Tuesday night, which was simultaneously fascinating and unnerving:

Right in front of our rented apartment. NOT our car.

Also, there was surfing. In the street. Tethered to a truck. I thought I had video of it, but it turned out I had hit the button and recorded my feet instead. But here's a picture!

Click to enlarge. And that IS our car in the driveway there.

Fortunately, I had planned ahead for the possibility of nasty weather and had a list of free/inexpensive indoor activities at the ready. On Monday we went with my brother Superman and his fiancee, Lois, to their gender determination ultrasound. We're thrilled that we're going to have another nephew! I'm getting good at shopping for little boys, so this is welcome news.

Tuesday we went to the Budweiser brewery and did the complimentary tour. It was really interesting and fun, and at the end, Husband and I got two free beers each! Yes, tour groups members aged 21 and over get two free beers each. I tried the Wild Blue blueberry beer and, after finding myself unable to finish it because it was SO STRONG, switched to a good old Mich Ultra. Husband had the Landshark Lager and then the Shock Top Belgian White. He wasn't crazy about the citrus flavors in the Shock Top.

I feel like holding a baby while drinking really classes up the situation.

Bear had a Pepsi. Clearly I have failed her, as Pepsi is disgusting.

Wednesday was overcast, so we went to the Museum of Science and History. It was really small and not especially interesting, but not a terrible way to pass an ugly afternoon. When we walked out, though, the skies had cleared and it was really really beautiful on the shore of the St. John's River. So we took some pictures!

The Husband and me, taken by Bear.

Our beautiful babies

This was taken by a nice lady who has zero talent for framing up a photo.

On Thursday, we finally got a proper trip down to the beach! Friday, too. Both days saw Bug crash for three hour naps after we got back to the apartment.

The kids and me at Neptune Beach. Try not to be jealous of our stunning tans.

My little Bug in the beach tent.

This really doesn't tell the story at all. I just think it's adorable and I'm one of those, "Look at pictures of my kids!" people.

Bear and her daddy, swimmin' in the sea.

Saturday was our last day. We checked out, went shopping for a few hours, hung out with my mom's friends in Jax, and then headed home. It was great to get back to our house and our dog. And our bed. And shower. And familiar roads.

The only thing better than vacation is getting home from vacation, amiright?

Now that we're back, I'm starting the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home program from Money Saving Mom. Feel free to join me! I'll post my first update on Friday.

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