Monday, July 30, 2012

Week Four of the "4 Weeks" Program Complete!

"I think I'm joining the Mathletes."

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It's over! I finally (more or less) completed Money Saving Mom's "4 Weeks to a More Organized Home" program. Here's how it went for me:

Friday—Clean your computer. We have several computers, but the only one I use with any frequency is my laptop, so I left the desktop for Husband to deal with. This was a bit more of a PITA than I thought it would be. Try as I might, I could not get the screen streak-free. I was even using lens wipes.

Also, I suck ass at photography, so my pictures are terrible. But the laptop does look much better.

Monday—Clean your vents. I was kind of looking forward to this one, as our vents be NASTY. The floor vents were a little dirty, but the larger vents in the upstairs hallway were really dusty. First I tried just hitting them with the vacuum attachments, but that didn't do much. So I got all handy, grabbed a screwdriver, and took them down for a sink bath.

Tuesday—Clean out and reorganize your cabinets and pantry. So technically we have a pantry. We also never technically finished it, and it's currently storing a bunch of machine parts that Husband is TOTALLY going to sell, and has totally been going to sell for about six years now. I'm sure he'll get to it. Anyway—it's on his honey-do list.

I was looking forward to hitting my cabinets because I've been thinking of moving some stuff around, anyway. I wanted to switch where some things were kept, so I did that. My favorite reorganization was my baking cabinet, though. I still need to get some containers for my supplies, but for the most part things are where I want them.

My baking cabinet. The stuff on the left side, center shelf is now in a small tote, and the rest will be as soon as I run to Target and pick up a few.

This cabinet holds a lot of "pantry" stuff. It's much easier to see everything now.

Wednesday—Vacuum or sweep and mop the closet floors.

This sounded a lot harder than it was. This was a ten minute job for me, including taking out and putting back all the stuff IN the closets.

Coat closet

Linen closet

Thursday—Clean windows, blinds, and window treatments. I just did this in January, but it needs done again already. Well, the windows themselves need cleaned, anyway. However, it's proven too difficult to get this done at Bug's current stage, so I'm taking this one on slowly, a window at a time.

Friday—Clean and reorganize your medicine cabinet. FREE DAY! I literally just did this less than a month ago. It still looks great and everything is still organized, so I got a pass on the final day. Whoo-hoo! Three cheers for sitting on my ass!

So. How did everyone do, or how are you doing? I would love to see pictures or hear your stories. I'm thinking about doing this again in six months, though probably sans the blog updates. It's just a good, regular regimen for keeping things from getting disgusting.

Check back tomorrow for my post about combating burnout and the things I didn't get finished.

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