Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Simple Easter

 "Doesn't sound too bad. I'll try to stay awake."

My family is not particularly religious, though we do place value in spirituality and respect for the spirituality of others. Despite our heatheny ways, we do celebrate the major religious holidays, because we were raised in homes where that was done, even though religion was never really emphasized in our childhoods.

So yeah, while we don't go to Sunday services or anything, we do try to make Easter a family affair. Some years we travel to Chicago to visit Husband's family, but often we stay home because gas is hella expensive for such a short visit. 

This year we're staying home and celebrating one of our typical, low-key Easters. On Saturday afternoon (Husband has to work at 2:00) we'll color eggs as a family. That night we'll hide the kids' Easter baskets and let Spazz find hers (and probably 'dactyl's, too) in the morning. We'll let Spazz have a few pieces of candy while I make a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit, and then we'll pull on some comfy jeans or shorts (depending on the temps) and head out for an egg hunt. And then Husband will go to work.

Spazzy hunting eggs on our low-key Easter two years ago. As you can see, we don't get too fancy-like. :)

It's nothing fancy, but it's become somewhat of a tradition. We don't get all dolled up or fix a huge dinner. We just make the day about spending time together and letting our kids have fun.

The kids' baskets are going to be low-key, too. As you know, I've committed myself to a pretty major purging project, so we don't want to bring a ton of crap into the house. I hate cellophane basket grass, so I usually line the baskets with tissue paper that I already have or use nothing at all. We keep the candy to a minimum.

In the past, we've been guilty of stuffing Spazz's basket with any and every little trinket we could find that she might like. Not so much this year. We're spending no more than $20 per basket, and that's only because we're making the gifts do double-duty as wants and needs. Spazz is getting some Starburst jelly beans that I got for free after coupon at Walgreen's, a $15 Amazon gift card for her Kindle, and a few hair accessories. 'dactyl is getting some onesies and socks that he needs, a box of teething biscuits, and possibly a hat of some kind.

Nothing fancy. Nothing that will create clutter. Nothing over the top. That's our simple, happy Easter.

How does your family celebrate Easter? Do you put on your Sunday best and start the day in a church service, or do you find yourself up to your elbows in ham at 8:00 a.m.?


  1. OK, my stomach lurched at "up to your elbows in ham". Hehehe. Apparently my veggie-eating ways are making me squeamish about meat.

    We sometimes will make a dinner on Easter, but it's pretty low-key in general. Usually Kurt's parents come down for the weekend and my dad and brother come over on Sunday to watch the kids find eggs. This year I'm making brunch because it's easier to have a meat-free option and I was perplexing about making a ham or something (I would for guests, just didn't really want to). I'm excited about my menu. :)

    Anyway, we don't do much in the baskets, either. I haven't even bought for the baskets yet, but I have a $20 Groupon kind of thing for Busken so on Saturday I'm going to go get some special cookies or something. Usually I include a chocolate bunny but David's milk allergy is putting a wrench in that plan. So it'll be some jelly beans and that kind of stuff, and Kurt's parents usually get them a small gift, too.

    So it's definitely lowkey here, too, though Anderson seems pretty convinced that the bunny is going to hide eggs on the roof or something. He may be sorely disappointed that our bunny is suffering from sore knees and cramps and may just toss the whole lot of them into the yard from the front porch. :D

  2. I turned in a bunch of books at Half-Price books and got $15 in store credit - that is going in Aeron's basket, along with a little candy. Annika will not be getting the Kindle Fire she thinks she deserves. We do a dinner thing, which is very low key and fun - my mom and sister and anyone else we decide to invite along. Wanna come?

  3. Ooh, I would love to if I didn't already have big plans to put on my pajamas and shove jelly beans in my face while reading something fluffy and inconsequential. I am a very big fan of dinner.

  4. Well, if you change your mind, you are welcome. You can even wear your pajamas. I'm sure my daughter would love to see your's again.