Friday, March 30, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

"Have fun storming the castle!"
When Husband and I began thinking seriously about the kind of home we wanted to build, we found that we really saw eye-to-eye on most things with very few exceptions. We knew we wanted several acres, a two-or-more-car garage, a workshop area for Husband, an office for me because
I work from home, no fewer than 2.5 bathrooms, a dedicated guestroom, etc., etc.

Personally, I wanted to find the smallest possible option that included all of our necessities, but despite the increased upkeep and utility costs, Husband really loves larger homes, so we found a plan we both love that's larger than I would like, but gives me literally everything else that I want. You can see it HERE.

I'm not going to go into our building plan here—I'll save that for another post—but you get the gist of what we're going for in a home. It's a lot of house, but it is our forever house (or should be...), and there's plenty of space should we need to move a parent or two in with us someday.

For Husband and I, though, the dream part of the Dream Home goes beyond the house. We want at least 10-15 acres (which we'll be sharing with our brother-in-law/bestie) in a rural area, though Husband doesn't want to have to drive more than 45 minutes, MAX, to work. 

We just want space. When we first started looking at house plans, we looked at an absolutely beautiful Ryan home that included everything I'd ever wanted in a a subdivision. Subdivisions are not the devil or anything (we already established that the devil is credit card debt), but when we left the model home tour, Husband pensively remarked that he absolutely, unequivocally did not want to live in a subdivision anymore. I was surprised, but although I'd never even entertained the idea of going rural, I liked what I was hearing once I heard it.

The idea of stepping outside onto our own property and not being able to hit a neighbor with a garden hose (which I'd totally do to some of our neighbors, given the chance) is very appealing. A big yard with plenty of space for our dog and kids to run and play, and room for an (eventual) pool sounds wonderful. I want to sit on my deck in the early light, watching deer graze fifty yards from my back door, well within paintball range.* No more neighbor kids screaming in the street in front of our house or knocking on our door, trying to sell us the same crap my daughter is selling for school. No more cars zipping right past my front door, driving way too fast in a cul-de-sac. No more solicitors trying to sell me windows or lawncare or their versions of God. I want a big, fat "Beware of Dog" sign, right next to the "No Trespassing" sign at the mouth of my (long) driveway.

I don't want, like, a farm or anything. I will not be rising at five a.m to milk anything, and I'd rather support local farmers by buying their eggs than gather my own. Well, my own chickens' eggs. My own eggs are not really very useful in a quiche. I know—I've tried. What a mess that was. But I digress.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that, although I would never have thought of it on my own, I, too, want to get away from subdivision living. For good. I honestly think that this was one of Husband's finest, most insightful moments in our marriage, and I'm so grateful that he didn't just let me make the call on this one like he typically does.

You probably think I'm anti-social, based on my clear disdain for...people. Maybe. I don't hate people. I just don't want to deal with their daily lives while I'm trying to live mine. I want to live peacefully, simply, and as much on our terms as possible.

What makes a Dream Home for you? I love hearing other peoples' thoughts. When I ask for them, anyway.

*I'm kidding. I would never shoot an animal with anything. Sober.

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  1. Very nice. :) I know you'll get there. I love this house style. We dream of a college-town house plus a small country getaway.