Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Simple Father's Day

"No, it's... people have different translations for different things and that's a special bond that you have with uh... with your mail-order wife. I think that's nice. It's fine. "

I told you about how we usually celebrate our parent-honoring holidays last month around Mother's Day, but we had to modify our plan somewhat this year. Husband and many of his coworkers had to put in twelve hour shifts on Sunday, so he worked from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. On Father's Day. Nice, huh?

My MIL got Bear and my nephew these mugs to decorate. :)
So instead of him picking a restaurant from which I would pick up carry out for us to eat in front of the television, he asked us to bring him Penn Station for his lunch break. We all ate together in the comfort of our Jeep and let him open his gifts.

And then he went back to work and got home at almost 11:00 p.m. and that was that.

I also sent him in with a dozen cupcakes to share with the other guys who had to work twelve hours on Father's Day, and I'd like to think it was a nice treat for them, but it still sucks the big one.

I also got to chat with my own dad, who lives about an hour and a half or so south of us, and that was nice. He reads this crap, so I'm giving him a shout out here.

*waves enthusiastically* Hi, Dad!

I hope you all had lovely Father's Days and at least got the chance to chat with the special dads in your lives. Did anyone do anything special?

Tangent Alert: Before anyone gets all, "OMG, some people don't even half dads are there dads is in the army in AFGANASTAN you should be thanksful!!!!!111"—I know all this. I'm not whining. I'm not complaining. It's not about me. Believe me, I wasn't calling my best friend to complain about my husband working the weekend when her husband was deployed. 

But regardless of the fact that it could be worse, it still sucks for those guys and their kids. It can always be worse. We're lucky people, and I know my husband and children know this. Well, Husband and Bear know this. Bug just kind of goes along with whatever right now. He's pretty chillax.


  1. This makes me thinks about my dogs. I was telling someone how much I love my fur babies (especially my Mollie girl, who I am very bonded with), and they downplayed my emotions by saying "once you have kids, you'll understand what real love is and you won't feel that way about your *dog* anymore". That is so belittling. How dare someone assume that they know the depth of my love, or that if I have a child, my love would somehow diminish for my pet? Love doesn’t get divided. I don’t have a finite amount of love to give. I may feel a different type of love for a (potential) child than I do my pet, but that makes my love for Mollie no less significant.
    The same is said for pain. Don’t downplay your emotions. If you miss your husband, or are upset that he has to work on a special occasion, that’s okay. It’s completely normal and valid to feel that way. Just because the pain is less than what you would feel if he were ‘deployed’, or ill, or any other variety of less-than-pleasant circumstance happened, does not mean that you don’t still have the ability and right to acknowledge your feelings about what is happening. What makes us successful or what makes us losers is our ability to acknowledge, deal, and move on to a place where we can be at least content.
    And now, I’ll step off my pedestal and let you get on with your day.

  2. I love your pedestal. And you're right about love—it doesn't divide. It multiplies.

    That's what I'm going to teech my babys in our home skool. Times tables and long divizhin.