Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yuck. I Hate this Part.

Parenting is hard, y'all.

Recently we had to put the kibosh on one of Bear's friendships for the first time. We've always made a careful point not to do that, even if we weren't particularly fond of a kid because we feel that kids need to choose their own friends and make their own mistakes. However, this particular friendship had clearly reached its logical conclusion.

I'm not going to say negative things about anyone's child, but Husband and I decided that both the physical and emotional safety of our daughter was being compromised by this friendship and we finally had to exercise our parental rights to end it. Bear handled it well, as I think she had pretty much reached the same conclusion, but it still sucked to have to do. The kid is not a "bad" kid. She's just having a very negative impact on our daughter's well-being and so that was that.

She misses the convenience of the friendship when she's bored, and I do feel bad for her about that. But she has a few real, true friends who we don't mind driving her to see. Just another reason to get the heck out of this house as soon as possible. *sigh*

Some of her closest friends at her birthday party. Lazer Tag, anyone?

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