Monday, May 6, 2013

Stuff That is Current, Or Something.

I have about a dozen blog posts half written and sitting in a queue that may never see their numbers come. I know anytime a blogger randomly goes silent they're all, "Things have been so busy!" Blah, blah, blah. I'm no more or less busy than I usually am. I just haven't felt any particular inspiration to post. Fact.
The babies at the Nature Center

A quick update on our goings-on:

House stuff: Not yet listed, most major projects complete, not searching for land right now because our main focus is on unloading this house.

Homeschool: Four weeks to go, wrapping things up, planning a light last few weeks, also planning for next year with lots of research and lists and other things that I could spend far too many hours doing, just because I love this shit.

Kids: Bear took the National Mythology Exam in March and scored a 100%. She's taking the summer off from bowling to enjoy her Saturdays and is signed up for a drama daycamp one week this summer. She's doing great with her lessons and continues to be a kickass big sister. Also, she's joined a Girl Scout troop and we could not be happier with it. It's chock-full of the kind of kids she barely knew existed: kind, giving, well-raised kids who make her feel good about herself when she's with them. The kind of kids I hoped she'd find eventually. To be fair, she has two awesome friends (A and J) who fit that mold, too. She just doesn't get to see them much anymore since we pulled her out of school and they don't live within walking distance.

And she'll be TEN in two weeks! TEN!

Bug is twenty months old and is such a busy little thing. We have quite an enjoyable and relaxed morning routine now that I've caved and let him watch a little bit of tv. Every morning when he wakes up he wants to watch a few episodes of The Wonder Pets, and I use this time to drink coffee and wake up my brain. Then we do breakfast and read a few books. He is so, so fun right now. We're definitely starting to see the Toddler Tantrums, and he has so much personality. It's challenging, but usually fun.

Tumbling: I've got my back hand spring and am working on my round-off back hand spring. It's a blast.

Writing: Dude. I miss it. But every time I think, "I'm going to query some potential clients! I have an awesome marketing idea! I'm going to [fill in the blank with something enthusiastic]!", I find that in this season of life, I just do not have time. When I'm not caring for my children and running this house, I'm tired. So for now I am only taking the occasional resume client and have pretty much put querying on hold. I'm not actively seeking work at all and only taking what comes to me, and only then if I know I can give it my best.  

That's what's going on. A lot of same old, but it's an ever-changing same-old. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Another reason I'm not posting much these days. My brain refused to construct a coherent sentence.


  1. I cannot believe how big Bug is getting! Those kids are just too cute.

  2. *sigh* I know it. He's a little man.